Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home is wherever I'm with you

I'm not having a great evening. I rarely cry (and I'm not now), but when I'm feeling down, I try and remind myself how lucky I am. And then I feel even more sad because I'm such a cheesy writer.

  • My life is 6% better right now because: My husband has made me a home cooked meal the past two nights. And seriously HOME COOKED. There have been carrots pealed and diced, from-scratch marinara sauces simmering and more parsley purchased than will garnish the plates at Applebees this month. It's part of a challenge Jeff is doing, and I'm proud of him for it. And the food is gooooooood. (Check out Jeff's blog for more details of this exciting new project.)
  • My life is 4.5% better because: Louis CK. I'm mildly obsessed with him right now. Are you watching his show on FX? It's absurdly hilarious. Unless I'm watching it with my mom, in which case it is completely inappropriate and should be canceled immediately.
  • My life is 3% better because: I hate to come back to food so quickly, but my aunt's homemade blueberry jam/jelly (hell if I know the difference) has been the highlight of my mornings. Things are just seriously, so much better when they are homemade. The Amish are onto something!
  • My life is 2.37% better because: I found a pair of shorts that I like for the first time since I was a teenager. That is a long time to wear pants in the heat, a lot of unnecessary sweating, a LOT of leg paleness LET ME TELL YOU.
  • My life is 1.48% better because: I'm drinking beer now. I decided to get into it, GIVE IT A WHIRL, find out what all the RAVES are about. I started with the girly beers (Bud Light Lime anyone?) and am slowly working my way through the Sam Adamses of the world. Not sure it will ever be my first choice, but I'll never feel lonely at a kegger again.
  • My life is 0.72% better because: Our credit cards are paid off, our non-student loan debt is nearly non-existent, and we're on the track to start buying a home. How FREAKING exciting. It's like I'm almost an adult! (Hoping to get all the way there by 32.)
  • My life is .0065% better because: I'm working hard, and I know I am. It's satisfying, and it makes me better than you.
What is making your life good right now?


I'm Jeff ... said...

You. You're pretty great.

jessica maria said...

Sorry you're having a bad night! Hate those. But your list made me laugh!

Hurrah for Jeff - I wish Jesse would get a clue. Just kidding. I've actually been cooking the last three nights - IT'S SO WEIRD! But I like it. Kinda.

Yay for Louis CK! Never watch with anybody of an older generation that you are related to! Totally weird. But, his tv show does have me and Jesse cracking up every week. And I don't think I've laughed more than at Louis CK's standup. He'll be back at comedy week this fall methinks!!

Yay for shorts! I also barred shorts from my life since high school until I found JCrew's brand last year when I needed them for the honeymoon. Not too short, not too long, just right. Shorts.

And finally, YAY for home-buying!!!! Congratulations on your expedition into adulthood...

Making my life good right now? The upcoming 4 day weekend in Rhode Island! Okay is it weird that we are both spending our first anniversaries there? We were even planning on Block Island at first but with a wedding to go to in Providence, we're sticking around there and then Newport!

Ms.Osediacz said...

a gray cat looking all cute on the floor of the kitchen

triathlon only a little more than a week away

ben got a job

we finally got internet for our apartment

just bought my plane ticket to come to RI for two weddings and my mom's birthday in october